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  • David Marks can create a place of safety for a group in which calm, curiosity, playfulness, and compassion flow freely. He moves with ease between deep mindfulness teaching, energizing activities, and creative IFS explorations. In this beautiful setting, with David’s leadership, I found new insights, settled into deeper peace within, and made close connections with the other group members. I am so very grateful and I can’t wait to come on the next retreat. Thank you, David!

    Mary Consultant and Coach / Retreat Participant
  • As a therapist with over 10 years of experience running groups, I wasn’t sure it was possible to cultivate a cohesive, caring, and vulnerable group in one days time. I was blown away how quickly David was able to bring together a group of total strangers, to the point where we all left as friends. With his humorous and playful spirit David held the space for us to see one another, and be seen in a way that I can only describe as deep and genuine connection. I am so grateful for the opportunity to participate in one of David’s retreats, and for the compassion, care, and love that I experienced from other participants. Thank you David, and everyone else for showing up and supporting me in my healing journey.

    Ryan Therapist / Retreat Participant
  • I recently attended a retreat led by David. I had no idea what to expect when I said yes. I was not a big fan of retreats, although I had attended a few in the past. That being said, This retreat was the most moving, amazing experience for me. I came away feeling such a connection to all the other participants and will forever be grateful for the sharing of our parts and how all our parts were welcome (David's words to me). David led the retreat in such a non-judgmental and calming way with numerous teaching materials that were easy to follow. Thank you David for all that you give. The setting was beautiful and the food was delicious. I have to say this retreat was way more than I ever expected. I would highly recommend attending one.

    Lauren Retreat Participant
  • WOW! I had the opportunity to attend one of David’s retreats this week-end, which originally was in support of my wife attending. Little did I know how much I would benefit from it for myself. I found the retreat very informative, smoothly run and extremely insightful to the Internal Family System (IFS) process. I found David’s approach to be as a “conductor of a symphony making beautiful music” from all those attending and their parts. Overall, I more than highly recommend going to his retreats for a stimulating learning experience about IFS and enjoying the comradery of the other attendees.
    Bob Retired Alcohol & Drug Counselor / Retreat Participant
  • David Marks' retreat was amazing and delivered exactly what I needed. I was able to take the time to be in Self, to speak and to share with like minded people. The food and venue were wonderful. I can't say enough about how this experience was a perfect guide post for me. While David counsels my 17 year old daughter, he has worked with my family extensively over the past two years, yet I was a bit apprehensive when he suggested this retreat to me. I couldn't be more grateful for the opportunity and experience.

    Samantha High School Teacher / Retreat Participant
  • I attended the retreat David put on this past weekend with my wife, and it was fantastic! Fantastic because David led it in such a skillful way that really allowed me to mindfully explore my parts. Key to this was the sense of safety David created which also really led to greater connection with the other participants. The activities were well planned and super interesting! And of course the beautiful location and fantastic food was also wonderful! If you have an opportunity to do a retreat with David – take it! I look forward to other retreat opportunities with David myself! 🙂

    Jason Therapist / Retreat Participant
  • In a 1-day Internal Family Systems (IFS) / Mindfulness retreat led by David, I explored my relationship with my parts through organic exercises with the natural world, guided conversations with other retreatants, and by producing art. This retreat day really was amazing. Immediately afterwards, there was a subtle transformation in how I show up for myself - and I am not one prone to hyperbole! I sensed a shift in how I relate to my exiled parts especially. What I learned has continued to be a part of my daily practice. I am eager to continue this journey faithfully.

    Mike HR Manager / Retreat Participant
  • Thank you, David, for the outstanding job you did leading our Administrative Team Retreat. You are a skilled, nuanced facilitator who expertly guided us through activities to open our hearts and minds to each other as leaders, and taught us to work as a team toward achieving our goals as a district. I appreciated all your work and how this created willingness by the members of our team to take risks, open up, and forge new professional and personal bonds.  

    Brian Salzer Former Superintendent, Northampton Public Schools