• I am a friend and colleague of David Marks. From the first time meeting David, what was clear is that he embodies what I have come to know is quintessential in any therapeutic relationship. This is one's ability to truly listen. My background is as a psychotherapist for nearly forty years. I work with individuals and couples in my private practice, facilitate groups for caregivers at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, and have taught in graduate schools of social work. David has many qualities that propel me towards friendship with him, and yet the one quality that really stands out is how David listens. Surely, we all listen when we’re interested or anticipate an interest in something or someone. But David’s interest is beyond that. He wants to know who you are, what you think, how you feel, and what motivates your response. He is attentive and curious. His presence genuinely conveys that he wants to be with you. As he has said to me, he wants to know 'what’s under the hood'. Metaphorically, this describes David’s way of being in the world. It is also what drives or hinders the counseling experience and is responsible for its depth, and success. David has become a friend who I highly value. He is a colleague whom I’d honestly and sincerely recommend to those wanting an empathetic and knowledgeable counseling experience.

    Ruth S. Cope Ph.D, LICSW
  • Throughout all stages of my life, David has helped me develop socially, intellectually, and emotionally. When I was a camper at David's Y camp, he helped me through a very difficult time in my life and provided me with guidance and structures to keep myself focused. During my time as a camp counselor, David continued to support my growth, particularly by mentoring me in mindfulness practices. These helped me to take a step back and see my thoughts and actions from a more useful vantage point. Now as an adult, I continue to seek David's wisdom and insight on difficult matters in my life.

    Jonah Young Adult Counseling
  • When we made an appointment with David, we were reaching out at a very painful and uncertain time in our relationship. I think we both wondered whether or not it was possible to mend things between us and restore the intimacy we both yearned for. There was also a great deal of anxiety there in regards to going to counseling and opening up parts of ourselves that had long been guarded. Yet, some kind of magic began to happen in our sessions with David almost immediately. He created a space where it was okay to be exactly who we were at any given moment. He taught us to accept and welcome all our myriad parts and helped us to communicate with them and gather them into the folds of our true Self. He did this with genuine care and compassion and encouraged us to give ourselves and each other real, unconditional love. In a lot of ways, it had been a long time since we’d loved ourselves so fully and this love began to illuminate our relationship. Soon, we realized that we could be with our individual parts and with each other’s parts and it would not destroy us. In fact, it softened us, cultivated our compassionate hearts and allowed us to let each other in and express love. I don’t think we know the words to properly express our gratitude for the healing and connection that has newly developed between us. We have been given tools to see the patterns of our interactions and our conflicts and most of the time can now come out the other side consciously, finding the ground of understanding and acceptance. We make choices to support and uphold each other and share with each other our most vulnerable parts because we know that to do so is a gift to ourselves and to our relationship. David’s honesty, love and guidance has been the light showing us the way. He is a true blessing in our lives and is held dearly in our hearts. We can’t thank the universe enough for sending such a wise and compassionate being our way.

    Laura & Andrew Couple Counseling
  • David built a thriving community at the Hampshire Regional YMCA. He is a hand-on leader with unparalleled determination and dedication to a vision of success. His positive outlook and his compassion for education through creativity and health is unmatched.

    Jamie Caplan Principal, Caplan Consulting
  • In the past seven years, I have seen more than 10 different therapists and counselors. At best, these counselors helped me “band-aid” my deeper problems, and served as temporary fixes. After beginning IFS sessions with David a little over six months ago, I became more in-touch with myself and my needs, and for the first time I saw a future that I could look forward to. He has been the first and only counselor who I’ve felt truly sees me as the person I am, and not someone with a problem that needs to be fixed. In just this short time, I have seen my relationships improve, I have felt my confidence increase, I have sensed my positivity grow, and I feel myself becoming my most authentic Self. Through my work with David, I can confidently and honestly say my outlook on life has vastly changed for the better!

    Becky College Senior, Sociology Major
  • I am introverted, shy and have always had great difficulty being vulnerable and opening up. I had worked with 5 different therapists/counselors over the past 3 years and never lasted more than a couple sessions with any of them as everything felt forced. It was like I was acting rather than letting my true self show, as I never felt heard or seen. It seemed like I was just another client, unimportant, a means of making money. I thought maybe I’m just too broken, too traumatized to ever be “fixed”. Then I stumbled upon Family Life Healing and met David. I was hesitant at first, as I had never worked with a male counselor before and much of the trauma I suffered as a child stemmed from men. To my relief I felt an instant connection the first time I spoke to David, permeated by a feeling of safety, soothed by the non judgmental tone of his voice. He has a calm, understanding, intuitive demeanor which is clear and comes naturally to him. He is living his passion, his purpose and it shows in each session. I feel seen, really SEEN for the first time in my life. I have gained so much clarity, confidence and hope since working with him. I am so excited to see what the future has in store for me. Just months ago I was simply trying to survive day to day, hoping to make it to tomorrow. I often questioned my purpose and everything felt meaningless. I felt like I was hanging on by a thread and David has had the ability to shift my entire outlook on life. I am forever thankful for finding this gem. From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!

    Heather Young Adult Counseling
  • I always felt that the key to David's success was his ability to relate effectively to all the children and young adults who attended our YMCA camp or served as camp staff. David was a tremendous leader as Executive Director of Camping Services and a very effective communicator. In thinking about David's strengths, words such as enthusiastic, dedication, vision, good priorities, and the right values for working with youth come to mind.

    Olin B Campbell Retired President/CEO. YMCA Buffalo - Niagara
  • Before coming to David, I felt trapped inside myself. Everyday was a battle in which I felt unable to persist through both mundane and difficult moments. I was hesitant about embarking on a journey with counseling as I had never done it before. Then, when I met with David, life and light was brought back into my life. He makes you feel comfortable and that you are actually being heard. His ability to guide me through slowing down and processing what is going on in my life and with my parts has opened a world of possibility. Through different forms of counseling sessions such as engaging with my parts and having profound conversations with my loved ones, I have been able to see how moments in my life have intertwined with my parts and with the self. Sessions with my parents and me with David facilitating allowed us to come closer together and grown both as individuals and as a family which we are forever grateful for. David has helped guide me to see what matters in life and has provided me with a toolbox to face moments of anxiety or challenge with a new sense of strength.

    Rachel Recent College Grad, Teach for America
  • I first started working with David four months ago to look at my personal issues, as well as things related to my marriage. Prior to working with him, I had worked with a few other therapists in the past on personal/family issues and felt uncomfortable, unsafe and let down with where my therapy had gotten me. I entered my counseling with David very unsure and with low expectations. I quickly changed my views on individual counseling as well as couple counseling. David is one of the kindest, most patient and genuine people I have had the pleasure of getting to know. He sincerely cares about his clients and their healing and personal growth and it shows in how he goes above and beyond in each session. He is very easy to talk to and I feel safe and comfortable being vulnerable with David as he supports and guides me in going deep to resolve burdens. The mindfulness practices he teaches have opened my eyes to new ways of living my life with more presence, understanding, and happiness.

    Justin Couple Counseling
  • I am a high school freshman and although I wanted to seek counseling to help me work through both personal and family struggles, I wasn't sure it would actually be helpful to me in the end. After my first visit with David Marks, I felt differently. I was surprised that I felt comfortable instantly and I was even more surprised that I was able to connect with David. He is warm and kind, listens to what I have to say, and is able to understand what I need most. I trust David and I was able to open up to him so he could guide me to put the work in where I needed it most. He has helped both my family and I by providing us with the tools and skills to work better with each other and to better understand ourselves. David recognizes what obstacles we are coping with and he guides us to find the strategies to connect with each other and to make overall positive changes for our futures. He truly understands the difficulties teenagers and their families encounter and he is invested in helping us to grow individually and as a family unit. I feel more confident in myself and I feel more in control of my life after working with David Marks.

    Emily Teen Counseling
  • My boyfriend and I came to our present 7 year relationship from previous marriages and brought 4 adult daughters with us along with 4 grandchildren. We had fallen in love and started creating a new life together, although from the beginning our relationship was rocky due to family dynamics. As time went by my partner and I stopped communicating effectively, with resentment setting in and by year 6 we were both very unhappy. We decided to break-up thinking it was the only way, even though it was hard and our hearts were shattered. During our time apart we both realized that we still loved each other and the desire to work on "us" emerged. We researched area counseling options and found David. After 5 months of working individually and as a couple with David, our relationship is the best it has ever been! We both feel that we are starting to reach a solid sense of Self and therefore can be the couple we long to be. David is kind, non-judgmental and truly cares about us. From the first time we met him we both were at ease. He allows us to work with the IFIO model of couple counseling at our own pace, while at the same time gently pushes us to explore the deepest parts of ourselves. Learning and discovering our own parts and how they interact with each other's parts, has been inspiring and enlightening in so many ways. David's expertise and insight in counseling is impressive. His demeanor, honesty, and calm way of being with us is comforting. We find enormous value in the time we spend together and have recommended David to our other family members and friends.

    David and Kimberly Couple Counseling
  • David has been working with my family and has been a great source of support for us. His experience and knowledge is amazing. Even more so, the amount of care and concern he has for our whole family is beyond words. David certainly has a special gift and especially has a knack for working with teenagers like mine. We look forward to continuing our journey with David, he has helped our lives become more fulfilling and happy. We are so very grateful to be able to work with him.

    Sarah Family Counseling
  • As an expectant mother, David has gently and beautifully guided me in my own inner work as I feel into this new beginning. Without any sort of agenda, he gracefully helps me tune into my parts and find answers and ways of relating to myself. I immediately felt safe upon meeting David and continue to feel like I can be vulnerable and completely myself in our counseling sessions. He has helped me navigate my own relationship with my family of origin and as a result of our work together, I am stepping into myself more fully as I begin the journey of motherhood.

    Jessica Family Counseling
  • Thank you David, for the outstanding job you did leading our Administrative Team Retreat. You are a skilled, nuanced facilitator who expertly guided us through activities to open our hearts and minds to each other as leaders and taught us to work as a team toward achieving our goals as a district. I appreciated all your work and how this created a willingness of the members of our team to take risks, open up, and forge new professional and personal bonds. It was definitely time well spent and, because of you, now we will move forward with high expectations for ourselves, our faculty, and our students.

    Brian Salzer Former Superintendent Northampton Public Schools
  • David is a gifted counselor who is able to create a loving space to hold and accept all the parts of you that are in pain and need to experience healing. He is very accepting, compassionate and nurturing with the parts of you who need to be understood, loved and cared for. As you experience David's compassion you learn to offer compassion to yourself and others. David knows how to nurture relationships by developing awareness of the desire for connection that dwells inside each one of us.

    Hannah Marriage and Family Therapist
  • I am a public school teacher, husband and father of two teenagers. Upon meeting David I felt an immediate connection. He is a warm and present practitioner. During our counseling sessions he listens and understands deeply where my needs and challenges lie. He has helped me navigate my thoughts and feelings and developed clear models about the psychological dynamics at play and many strategies to help moving forward. During the intervening times between sessions he often sends me quotes, readings, or audio teachings to support the work that we've done together. To put it bluntly, I have never felt more supported and empowered to make positive changes for my life. Thank you David!

    Michael Family Counseling